sábado, abril 11, 2009

Hibernian song

The "Hibernian song"
was written to a friend,
from the Online Literature Forums

(It has no melody;
up till now.)

Romans never reached Ireland.
But they must have dreamed of it.

I imagine a Roman man on the shore of Wales,
with a local traitor, who would be telling him:
"There's a land beyond this sea, sire,
a land full of pots of gold, a land
of enchanted princesses, and green hills ..."

This Roman still looks at the sea,
and thinks with himself that mighty Rome
will someday conquer all the lands,
and I might find, beyond these shores,
a Hibernian princess to sit at my side,
and learn of the stories of my ancestors ...


& he looses himself in a dream
of a cloudy mind and tears held,
and he wakes up in the XXIst century,
at the other side of the Atlantic . . .

In a land called America.

Rio de Janeiro,
11 de abril--