sábado, maio 22, 2010

The Green Dragon & The Black Cat

A few things I should keep in mind, and can't ... Why is it that the butterflies and the frogs don't let my steps go freely as I'd manage to give flowers to the flatteries of a dandy sailor on the sea of shoes and lollipops I can't spot on the different face of a jumping elephant?

There are moments in life that make you wonder whether you are actually going to make it or wether you'd see the world crumbling appart under the fountains of the dark rainbow of neverland's twilight, o miserable fortune of the week and the bottles of pepper! ...

No. No more, no more! This is where the nonsense stops! I cannot go further! I cannot. I stop, and I give up. Here's what you shall do: take a pair of eggs, and boil in frozen water, then sprinkle it on the face of your luck, and there you have it!: a Green Dragon & a Black Cat, the Dragon's called an Inn, the cat a Doldrum.

Now, all we need is a spoon and a couple of pillows! :)

[from http://www.facebook.com/g.olivieri76 ~]


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